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La Economía Política del Embargo o Bloqueo Interno de Cuba by Jorge A. Sanguinetty - This paper is an analysis of the political economy of the U.S. embargo to the Cuban economy, and it was presented, in Spanish, in the XXV annual conference of the Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy in Miami, July 30, 2015. The English translation will be ready in a few weeks and will … Continue reading
What if…the U.S. Ended the Cuba Travel Ban and the Embargo? by Jaime Suchlicki - Ending the embargo and lifting the ban for U.S. tourists to travel to Cuba would be a major concession totally out of proportion to recent changes in the island. If the U.S. were to lift the travel ban without major reforms in Cuba, there would be significant implications: Money from American tourists would flow into … Continue reading
What is the US Cuban Embargo? by Roger R. Betancourt - Embargoes are restrictions on economic activities for political or policy purposes. Embargoes involving international trade are perhaps the most notorious due to their impact on international relations. Since these restrictions are imposed unilaterally they are usually viewed as acts of hostility toward the recipients of the restrictions. Embargoes differ in terms of three dimensions: 1) … Continue reading
What are the Main Determinants of the Current Form of the US Cuban Embargo? by Roger R. Betancourt - Two events standout as formally determining the main current features of the US Cuban Embargo: one is normally associated with the embargo and one is not.  The first event is the Helms- Burton Act of 1996.  It represents a tightening of the embargo in almost all aspects: with respect to the number and type of … Continue reading
Should the US Lift the ‘Embargo’? by Roger R. Betancourt - Since the embargo has three different economic aspects in terms of the restrictions involved, one can partition the answer in terms of which set of restrictions are lifted: the ones on transactions of goods and services; the ones on labor flows and the ones on capital flows.  With respect to restrictions on transactions of goods … Continue reading
Who benefits and loses if the US-Cuba embargo is lifted? by Jorge A. Sanguinetty - The answer depends on the conditions under which the embargo is lifted. I focus on the expected distribution of benefits (and costs) between the government and the Cuban population. A unilateral move by the US Government, without any quid pro quo by the Cuban government can be expected to yield significant benefits to the official … Continue reading

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